• Dhu is a Scottish company and all of our products are designed and manufactured in Scotland to exacting standards. We are passionate about the local craftsmanship and specialist skills which are employed during the cashmere manufacturing process.

  • We demand exceptional quality. Our products are not mass volume garments. Performance Cashmere® means the highest quality raw cashmere fibre, innovative design, traditional manufacturing techniques, complemented by the very best functional clothing components and trim accessories.

  • To make each one of our jersey style garments requires the soft fine undercoat from four cashmere goats, which is removed, by hand, by combing the fleece of the goat once each year during the Spring.

    The cashmere goat is subject to extreme conditions in its natural environment, both hot and cold, and it is the performance of this natural fibre that is at the core of Dhu P E R F O R M A N C E  C A S H M E R E ®.

  • Our manufacturing partners have been working with wool since 1801. Expert craftsmen and women ensure that skills are preserved through generations of families who have worked at the mill. Genuine craftsmanship goes into creating each garment, with the cashmere fibre being put through 31 separate stages before creating the final knitted product.

  • The sourcing of raw materials and sustainability, in terms of environmental impact, is very important to us. Relationships with local Mongolian farming communities, who farm the cashmere goat herds and provide the raw cashmere fibre for our products, have been built up over a number of decades. Our manufacturing partners actively participate in maintaining and developing the high standards of care required throughout the sourcing process.